Welcome Back Summer

As you get ready for the holiday weekend I thought I'd take a moment to share with you some exciting news and fun recipes to try as you head out to parties and fire up the grill this weekend.


First, we are celebrating our first anniversary in June! Fireworks is still a huge work in progress but we have made some great strides in our launch phase and are continuing to gain momentum from new customers every week. If you live in Boulder you can still find my butters at Cured and Alfalfas, or if you're in Denver you can find them at Western Daughters Butchers. You can always order them right here on my site as well, or if you live down the street, stop by my house and you can pick some up as well (just give me a heads up so I have some on hand ;-0)


Second, I'm posting two new recipes for you to try this weekend. One for perfectly grilled steak and the other is a fun appetizer to bring to your friends bbq on Sunday. Both pair wonderfully with my Classic Steakhouse flavor. And if you're wondering what beverage to serve along with it I'd go for a full fruity, dry, not sweet red.

Jessica P Jacobson