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Fireworks Chipotle Tomato Pasta Recipe

1lb spaghetti

2-3 fireworks chipotle tomato Pan seared chicken Breasts

3-4Tbs fresh basil, chopped or torn

6 cloves sliced garlic

4 Tbs kalamata olives, sliced

2 diced Roma tomatoes

3 Tbs Fireworks Chipotle Tomato Butter, divided

Course Sea Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper to taste

Fresh Parmesan for garnish

In a skillet, sauté chicken breasts with 2 Tbs Chipotle Tomato butter over medium heat. Turn once and cook until browned and done about 7 min per side. Add garlic, olives and basil for the last 2-3 minutes of cooking.  When chicken is done, remove from the skillet and thinly slice into 2 inch long pieces. While chicken is cooking, start pasta water to boil. Follow directions on the pasta box and cook to your desired doneness.  When pasta is done, drain water and put pasta back in pot. Add tomatoes, chicken mixture and remaining tbs of butter, stir to combine. Serve immediately and garnish with fresh parm. 

Jessica P Jacobson