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Fireworks Ginger Miso Scallops

Scallops are really so so so simple to cook. They are rich and decadent and so satisfying. I find they make a really great pair with butter. And Fireworks Ginger Miso has so much character on its own, it is a match made in heaven! These scallops are easily served with a simple salad, rice or noodles. Try this recipe for a quick, easy mid week dinner.

Prep Time

5 minutes

Cook Time

8-10  minutes


2 entree portions

Equipment Needed

Saute pan or heavy cast iron skillet


Spatula for flipping



Quantity                    Ingredients

8-10                              Large bay scallops with the side muscle removed

1-2 Tbs Safflower oil, depending on how big your pan is

6 Tbs                          Ginger Miso Fireworks Finishing Butter

1 tsp                             Sea Salt

1 tsp                             Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

pinch Black Sesame Seeds




●      Thoroughly rinse and dry the scallops, then place on a paper towel lined plate.

●      Salt and pepper each side of the scallops.

●      Over  medium high heat, start heating the oil in a large cast iron skillet or a heavy saute pan.  The pan needs to heat up before adding the scallops, when you do add them, they should sizzle.   If they don’t, wait until it warms up more.  Give the scallops some room between them also-about an inch around (crowding them will prevent proper searing).

●      Cook approximately three minutes before flipping to the other side.  Make sure the first side is golden and  brown before flipping.

●      Add 2 tablespoons of butter after you flip over the scallops  Spoon the butter over the scallops as you cook them.

●      Cook another three minutes on the second side or until seared and golden. 

●      To serve, add remaining butter to skillet and spoon it on the scallops. Transfer to serving plate and sprinkle with black sesame seeds and


This same technique works easily with peeled and deveined shrimp.  You could actually combine the two in one pan for a combination seafood dinner.

Jessica P Jacobson