Fireworks Finishing Butter


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Jessica at Fireworks Finishing Butters has created an absolutely delectable product that is ultra flavorful, convenient and most importantly good for you! Her high standards on ingredient selection makes her finished product magical. As a Registered Dietitian, I appreciate the incorporation of grass-fed butters with all of it’s own nutritious health benefits- high levels of Vitamin A, great Omega-3 ratios, CLA’s, Butyric Acid and Vitamin K2 to name just a few! As a food connoisseur, I enjoy a product that is mixed perfectly and I don’t have to try and make it better myself because Jessica’s already figured that out for me! I personally haven’t seen anything else like her product on the market. There might be other finishing butters, but not like hers -local, grass-fed, and quality ingredients mixed in the right ratios. It belongs at everyone’s family table!
— Elizabeth Bahnsen RDN and Owner of RCP Boulder and Your Family Table LLC
My husband grilled our fish with Jessica’s finishing butter the other night and YUM! It was all it needed. So delicious. The next night we used it on ribeyes and what a delectable addition to meat. I’m always happy having a jar of this in my fridge.
— Brooke S. Boulder
Fireworks butters are delicious! I love how easily they can transform a simple dish into something super memorable. And, my guilty pleasure, is to eat it straight up on crackers like a decadent spread. It’s also a great gift for those who love good food, but don’t always have the time to prepare it.
— Sage B.H. Boulder